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This page is where I will post all my random stuff. That may or may not include fan art(what fan art?)

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This is what I did all this week instead of drawing you an extra webcomic. I didn't really have enough time to make a full game, so you'll have to suffice with 2 minutes of cutscenes and one tutorial level. I hope that makes you happy. Too bad the music doesn't work.....

This is the comic I put up a while ago. I didn't feel the urge to ink it, so I just darkened it to make it readable without near-sighted glasses. This is what my comics would look like if I didn't clean them up(creepy, huh?)


These are the translation comics, well, translated. I simply wrote the characters and their corresponding text. Enjoy.

Panel 1

Chinese commander:

Hello, General Samaz.


He says Hello.

General Samaz:

You, too.


Hello, Bai Tian Ming.

Panel 2

Bai Tian Ming:

I was wondering if you had any inside information you would like to share with me. The other Chinese generals aren't very fond of sharing their intel.

Panel 3


Sorry, come again?

Bai Tian Ming:

You. Have. Knowledge?


Oh! He's asking if we have any information that we'd like to share with him.

Panel 4

General Samaz:

Well we've heard that the Ace of Spades recently dropped into Valkyrk with his 300-plus troops. He's a black, so he's pretty dangerous. It might be wise to watch out for him.


We've heard that the Ace of Clubs is already inside Valkyrk. He's a black fox. A very dangerous fox.

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